On going forward . . .

Here’s to new beginnings; fresh ideas and sonic explorations. The music that resides at the surface or that is buried deep inside each one of us. A refocusing of attention; the blocking out of all the noise and idle chatter. Concerned with only our truth, identity and freedom.

We are beautiful divine energy!

Enrapture, bewitch, charm! Let’s immerse ourselves in jubilant celebration and joyous exaltation. Let’s share it quietly and still, alone strolling by the sea, or out on the streets of the city in spring.

There’s nothing but honey . . .
Sweet, pure, unabashed honey. Meet me from your own table, in spirit, no matter the distance, or come to my door.

We will not gorge and feast just this one day, but all days and at every minute and hour.

Let’s pledge this to ourselves from this day forward.

And all the poets and musicians rose up and formed an army.

They wrote a new language and made new sounds that destroyed the status quo. Their words and vibrations infiltrated the entire world’s financial institutions and government agencies and stripped them naked, burnt them to the ground; into ashes and dust.

And the politicians and gluttons became powerless and ashamed, and now they walked the streets naked and lonely; on their knees for a miserable few dollars and cents.

But money no longer had any value. The essence of ones soul was the new form of currency. The beauty of one’s heart was what one was now rewarded for.

And the black and diseased hearts were gathered up and shown mercy. They were taught honesty and empathy and how to find their true selves that had been buried deep under layers of tar and soot. They were taught to paint and draw, to sing and dance, to write poetry and prose, and to see themselves in every living thing.

And the poor were now rich and the rich now poor. And every person was given every opportunity to evolve and transform, regardless of their social standing, financial resources, sexuality, gender, religion or race. They were all treated with respect and dignity and love and with the chance for redemption.

And the darkness was lifted . . .
And beauty prevailed . . .
And humanity was saved from itself.