Bewitched and delighted

Bewitched and delighted,
Sleepy and entwined,
The magic spell of wine
Numbs the body, but swells the heart.

Drunk with dreams,
Our silent wishes may go unanswered.

Will i…
Will you…

The warm night against our skin,
And you…
Ever so quietly drift off alone,
And leave me here to muse.

The future will come on its own.
The bottle lying empty.
And i, still and half-awake,
Dare to fill myself with hope.

I have been here before,
At the edge of uncertainty.

I have been here before,
The warm night against my skin.

The mystery remains just that…

The forecast calls for more.
The beating of hearts will continue.
The drinking of wine, the dreaming of you…

For us, now and always …