A Love Letter To The New World

Adrift on a sea of nothingness,
Before all time and history,
I set sail.
For days, weeks, months, millenniums…
No, before all that and longer.
Before I even knew or could know.

Silence, and more silence, and then silence again.
Darkness, and more darkness, and then darkness again.
And in a split second,
An explosion…
It swept me on it’s wave.
Like I was shot out of a canon.
Nuclear, atomic, to the infinite power.
First light.
And color…
The birth of everything…
The Desert to Tokyo in a split second.
Mass and mass and mass and matter!
I was no longer alone.
And no longer lonely.
But I was no longer immortal.
Now one day this would all be over.
I would die and so would you,
And so would everything.
I wailed and wailed as I made shore and fell into your arms.